Hair Transplant Surgeon: Robert J. Dorin, DO, ABHRS

Hair transplant surgery patient using Propecia

Hair Transplant Sessions: 1
Grafts Implanted: 3449
Baldness Class: 4
Surgical Procedure: Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT/Strip)

This hair transplant patient from Boston came in recently for follow-up. Its been 3 years since we first initiated his hair restoration. Prior to treatment, although a bit difficult to discern from the before photos, he presented with a classic 4 pattern with signs of progressing to a 5A. In transplanting over 3400 follicular units to the front, central region, and vertex, we successfully transitioned from what was really a transient, miniaturizing coverage to a healthy foundation of permanent natural transplanted hair. Propecia is also part of this patients regimen.

Total grafts: 3449
Total hairs: 5422
1502 singles - 1921 doubles - 26 threes

Front view photos- Before and after hair restoration
Hair transplant with 3449 grafts showing before and after results, viewed from the front.

Hair transplant results viewing pictures from the top by Robert J. Dorin, DO, ABHRS
Hair restoration utilizing 2449 grafts viewed from the top, showing preoperative, immediate posteperative and postoperative photos.

Left oblique angle  results by Robert J. Dorin, DO, ABHRS
Before and after left oblique angle photos showing patient results from with 3449 grafts.

Right side results from  by Robert J. Dorin, DO, ABHRS
Right side before, immediate postoperative, and postoperative pictures showing the results from a 3449 grafts hair restoration procedure.

Back - Crown photos of before and after hair transplant by Robert J. Dorin, DO, ABHRS
Bask - Crown photos showing before and after results from .