Hair Transplant Surgeon: Robert H. True, M.D., ABHRS

Hair transplant surgery results from 2597 grafts and Propecia

Hair Transplant Sessions: 1
Grafts Implanted: 2597
Baldness Class: 4A
Surgical Procedure: Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT/Strip)

This case is demonstrates how a single hair transplant session can produce a result that can stand the test of time, creating natural, uniform, permanent hair despite further hair loss progression in the treated area.

Dr. True met this patient in 2006 after he had been thinning for about 7 years and had developed a 4/4a type pattern. As the before photos indicate, the front was extremely miniaturized and crown was showing early signs of thinning. He started on Propecia and at the same time did a strip FUT of 2597 follicular units consisting of 1134 singles and 1463 twos/threes.

Presently all of his front is now transplanted. The top/crown has been fairly well stabilized with Propecia. Dr. True plans to do a second procedure to now add higher density to the frontal/top region.

 and Propecia photo results
2597 grafts showing before and four years postoperative photos, viewed from the front. The patient is also using Propecia.

Top view of  results on Norwood 4 patient by Robert H. True, M.D., ABHRS
results utilizing 2597 grafts along with Propecia, showing preoperative and four years postoperative photos, shown from the top.

Left side views of before and after hair restoration procedure by Robert H. True, M.D., ABHRS
left side photos viewing hair replacement surgery results before and four years after.

Hair restoration photos - Showing right side before and after by Robert H. True, M.D., ABHRS
Right side picture views of results preoperative and four years postoperative.

Back / Crown views of before and after hair transplant by Robert H. True, M.D., ABHRS
Patient crown area displaying the results of his 2597 grafts hair restoration procedure before and 4 years after.

Photo showing the residual scar area 4 years after surgery by Robert H. True, M.D., ABHRS
Photo showing the scar area of this patients hair transplant donor area.