Hair Transplant Surgeon: Robert M. Bernstein, M.D., F.A.A.D.

Hair Transplant Repair patient of Robert M. Bernstein, M.D.

Hair Transplant Sessions: 1
Grafts Implanted: 791
Baldness Class: 2
Hair Transplant Repair Work
Surgical Procedure: Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT/Strip)

Bernstein Medical - Center for Hair Restoration Patient IKZ had a series of four hair transplant procedures using mini-grafts from 2005 to 2001. The repair consisted of removing the 48 largest grafts and redistributing them as individual follicular units. Eight weeks later, he had a hair transplant using 791 follicular unit grafts, obtained from a donor strip, that added fullness to the front part of his scalp.

Front view - Before and after
791 grafts shown from the front, viewing before with surgical plan, before, immediate postoperative, and after pictures.