Hair Transplant Surgeon: Dr. Arika Bansal

Hair transplant surgery before and after images

Hair Transplant Sessions: 1
Grafts Implanted: 4500
Baldness Class: 6
Surgical Procedure: Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

The index patient had Grade VI plus baldness and decent scalp donor and had a great beard. And the patient had no intention to flaunt a beard ever. He had a washed out temple area and because of which his forehead was looking wide and augmenting his bald look and he was worried about a natural hairline and natural temple. We tried to recreate the hairline and the temple. 

He had a lighter shade of skin close to Caucasians and the hair-skin colour balance was important in his procedure. His donor scalp was not great, it was average. So we Eugenix Hair Sciences @eugenichairsciencesdid about 300 grafts on each side of his temple and close to 3000 odd grafts on his frontal zone up to the mid-scalp (we were more concerned about the fronto-temporal angle which was deep) and we did not plant more grafts on the central region and the crown and we deliberately planned more grafts for the next session. The patient started experiencing hair growth and look change towards the end of 3 months and by 6 months he had enough hair for a haircut and a look change! We are posting this result after 6 months and expecting more hair to come within 6 months from now. 


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Front view - Before and after FUE
4500 grafts viewed from the front, showing before and after pictures.

Before and after BHT FUE hair restoration procedure images by Dr. Arika Bansal
using 4500 grafts displayed from the top, showing before and after photographs.

 after photos by Dr. Arika Bansal
using 4500 grafts displayed from the left, viewing preoperative and after photos.

Hair transplantation procedure before and after results by Dr. Arika Bansal
Hair transplantation surgery with 4500 grafts viewing before and after images, displayed from the right.