Hair Transplant Surgeon: Dr. Raghu Reddy

Hair restoration surgery before and after result photographs

Hair Transplant Sessions: 3
Grafts Implanted: 1600
Total Hairs Transplanted: 1600
Baldness Class: 3
Surgical Procedure: Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

This 43 year old gentleman with a Norwood  3 stage of hair loss presented to us requesting to lower his hairline. On assessment by Dr reddy he was deemed to be a good candidate and was recommended a FUE procedure. He was keen to make sure that he does not encounter shock loss and also wanted to ensure a natural looking result. His hair loss was stabilised with Minoxidil and Finasteride.


Dr Reddy performed manual FUE using a 0.9 mm punch. Around 1600 grafts were transferred.


Attached are the images before, immediately after and 7 months after.

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Front view - Before and after
1600 grafts shown from the front, viewing before and after pictures.

Top view - Before and after hair restoration results by Dr. Raghu Reddy
using 1600 grafts viewed from the top, displaying before and after photos.