Is Shock Loss Normal after a Hair Transplant?


I recently had a hair transplant with a very reputable doctor. I am about 3 months post-op and have noticed some hair loss in the frontal area and on the sides. Surgery was easy and recovery excellent, but loss of frontal area is noticeable. The doctor seemed to be surprised, but said both grafts and original permanent hair should grow back. Should I be concerned and is there anything I can do?


There is nothing to be concerned about. Post-operative shock loss in both the donor and recipient areas is common. This occurs due to trauma inflicted on the scalp during removal of the donor strip and transplantation of the follicular units. Shock loss is typically temporary and those hairs will generally begin to grow again along with the transplanted hairs between 3 and 4 months post-op. For more on the topic read this article, "Loss of Natural Hair after a Hair Transplant (Shockloss)" from our Hair Loss Q&A Blog. I also recommend visiting our Hair Restoration Forum where you can discuss this and other questions you may have.

David (TakingThePlunge) - Assistant Publisher and Forum Co-Moderator