Should I Get a Hair Transplant for My Receding Hairline or Balding Crown?


I am suffering from hair loss all over my scalp and am considering hair transplant surgery. I am working on developing a hair restoration plan and want to know whether or not it's better to restore hair in my hairline or crown? What is your opinion on this?


There is no right or wrong answer to this question and is purely a matter of preference. Given that hair transplant patients have a finite donor hair supply, balding men and women with significant hair loss will ultimately have to decide for themselves which area of baldness impacts them the most.

Though a hair loss patient must draw their own conclusions in consultation with a first-rate hair restoration physician, I feel pretty strongly that restoring the hairline and balding frontal area is more significant than restoring a bald crown. Though there is no doubt that a bald spot can be undesirable, more people will see you from the front than the back. After all, an aesthetically pleasing hairline frames the face and your face is what most people see first.

Planning for the long term is also vital to ensure a successful hair replacement experience. The donor hair supply is finite and must be used wisely. Therefore, developing and maintaining realistic expectations is highly important. Spend ample time considering your options, and develop long term hair restoration goals with the help of a qualified hair transplant surgeon.