Should I Get a Hair Transplant Now or Wait until My Hair Loss Gets Worse?


I'm 28 years old and I'm considering hair transplant surgery. I haven't lost too much hair, so I'm just trying to get ahead of time. I'll probably continue losing hair throughout the years which I suppose may create a strange looking hairline on my head since I only need hair transplanted in a few bald spots. How do you feel about this situation? Should I wait until I lose more hair in order to have a better idea on how I will look years from now?


Have you considered non-surgical hair loss treatments like Propecia (finasteride) and/or Rogaine (minoxidil) to attempt to slow down or stop future hair loss? In my opinion, all hair loss sufferers should consider medication to attempt to control future hair loss as a part of their long term hair restoration plan. If the loss is minimal, using medication may prevent the need for an initial hair transplant procedure let alone subsequent ones. Know that Propecia and Rogaine do come with potential side effects. So be sure to consult with a doctor and become familiar with them before taking the medication. In order to continue receiving benefit from these drugs, you will have to stay on them for life.

Hair transplant surgery must be approached strategically since donor hair is finite and future hair loss is unpredictable. A quality hair restoration surgeon will use donor hair sparingly in order to help you achieve realistic immediate and long term goals. Know that subsequent hair replacement procedures may be needed in the event hair loss continues. It may also take more than one procedure to meet your immediate goals depending on the area of baldness.

Bill Seemiller - Associate Publisher