Should You Tell Your Boyfriend You Suspect He Had a Hair Transplant?

6/17/2015 1:20:19 AM


I have been a dating a man for over a year now. I found out by accident that he had a hair transplant years before I met him. It does not bother me in the least. Even without a full head of hair, I still care deeply for him.

Unbeknownst to him, I discovered that he had hair transplant surgery because I saw old photos of him on his friend's Facebook page. He, himself, is not on Facebook so he probably has no idea that an old photo of him pre-transplant is available online.

I have always wondered why he would not let me touch his head during our moments of intimacy. He would always gently brush my hand away. I thought he just didn't want his hair to be messed up. The first time I touched his scalp briefly I thought it felt strange but I didn't say anything.

I would really, really like him to just come out and tell me about it. It's not going to change my feelings for him. We have shared a lot of secrets in our past and I'm waiting for him to one day tell me about his hair but for some reason, he is not forthcoming about it. Should I just tell him upfront that I know about it and that he has nothing to worry about? Or would that be cause for great embarrassment?

Please explain to me why a man would find it difficult to tell a woman he's been dating for over a year about this. How would you react if your girlfriend told you that she knows and that it doesn't bother her? Will you be relieved or will it somehow change your relationship and not feel as confident with her anymore?

Incidentally, I revealed to him that I had a nose job when I was in my 30s. I even showed photos to him before my surgery. I thought that this would encourage him to also tell me about his hair but he never did. Should I just leave it alone? Please advise.


It's impossible to say why some people prefer to remain quiet about having had hair restoration surgery while others are very open about it. Hair loss can be difficult to face for both men and women. However, for men in particular, there seems to be a stigma attached to having any sort of cosmetic procedures

So, should you tell your significant other that you suspect he has had a hair transplant? Rather than attempt to answer this complex question with many possible answers, I instead encourage readers of this blog to read and join the discussion "Should I tell him that I know about his transplant?" on our hair restoration forum and social community.

In the above discussion you will hear advice from a number of hair loss sufferers and real hair transplant patients about how to approach this sensitive issue with the one you love.

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