Should You Use Instagram To Research A Hair Transplant Surgeon?

Social media has taken over everything, and perception is king in the age of social media. It's no surprise that hundreds, if not thousands of hair restoration physicians have taken to YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram to showcase their results. The question is, are you getting objective, fair, and balanced information on social media, or are you getting 'best case' scenarios? In this article, we will be discussing the realities associated with social media and how you should research a surgeon. 

Instagram Perception Vs. Reality

Instagram is all about perception, the best angles, and filters. The pictures uploaded portray the very best aspect of a person's life, or in this case, the surgeon's results. Reality is much different than what you see on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. The harsh reality is that no surgeon bats a hundred, and hair transplant surgery cannot be guaranteed. While Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube can be useful tools, they are not reality. Hair transplant clinics skew public perception because they cherry-pick their results, there's nothing wrong with that, but it's the reality.  

Best Way To Research A Hair Transplant Clinic/Surgeon

For the past 20 years, popular hair loss forums like the Hair Restoration Network have been at the forefront in research. Actual patients from all over the world join and share their unbiased reviews and results. Learning from real patients is the best way to research a surgeon because the information you gather is unbiased.

That said, it's essential to use critical thinking. Some trolls use forums to spread their agenda, whether they're posting negatively about a particular surgeon for monetary gain, or they are undercover schills that post positive remarks about a surgeon to build up hype. It's essential to be vigilant and learn from forum members who have a strong reputation and have contributed to multiple discussions and healthy debates. 

Real Patient Reviews> Instagram Posts

Everyone's life can look marvelous online, especially with the right filters and carefully choosing the best moments to share online. The same goes for hair transplant results posted on Instagram. Real patient reviews are vital to see what actual results look like when the clinic does not cherry-pick them. Again, hair loss forums prove to be crucial when looking up authentic reviews. Now, there are a few reviews on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram, but the volume is significantly less than a popular hair loss forums like the Hair Restoration Network. 


Don't be fooled by social media hype and internet buzz; the truth will come out when authentic patients post their results without plan or intent. Be careful and choose a hair transplant surgeon who has built their reputation on legitimate patient-posted results, and not hype. Having a large following on Instagram means nothing when it comes to skill, talent, experience, and ethical standards. Learn from patients before choosing a surgeon.