Slow Hair Transplant Growth After 11 Months


I have had 8 hair transplants over the last 7 years to attempt to stay ahead of my hair loss. It's been 11 months since my final procedure and I have no more donor hair. I had 200 hairs placed in each temple and 400 in the crown. At this point, it appears only a few hairs are growing. Is it because the temple areas grow slower? If so, why is that? Also, why is the balding crown taking so long?


A hair transplant of 800 follicular unit grafts is a considered a small procedure and unless they're placed in a small area of the scalp, it won't make a huge cosmetic difference. Perhaps everything has grown in and it hasn't made a significant improvement, or perhaps you're experiencing slow or poor hair growth issues. If you are 11 months into your hair restoration procedure and have very little hair regrowth so far, you should report these concerns to your phyisican and let him or her evaluate your progress.

Bill Associate Publisher/Editor