Sporting a Shaved Head After Hair Transplant Surgery


I am currently thinking about getting a hair transplant. I have been told that I am a level 2 on the Norton scale of hair loss. I shave my head to a number 2 clip because it suits me and I like the shaven look. It appears that those with shaved heads get can away with a low density hair transplant. What sort of overall coverage can I get if my head is shaved?


The amount of coverage and density you can achieve whether your head is shaved or not is the same. However, know that if you undergo follicular unit hair transplantation (strip surgery), cutting your hair too short on the sides and back will be out of the question unless you don't mind the possibility of showing the linear scar. How short you can cut your hair after surgery varies on the technique and a patient's donor and healing characteristics. You "might" be able to get away with shaving your head to a 2 clip, but don't bet your last dollar on it.

Bill Associate Publisher/Editor