Sunburn on the Scalp After a Hair Transplant - Did I Kill My Transplanted Hair?


I am 1 month out from hair transplant surgery and got pretty bad sunburn on my head yesterday. Will this damage the follicles? I am really worried that I just ruined my hair transplant


Firstly, don't panic. Though sunburn on a freshly transplanted scalp could be treacherous, at one month after surgery, the hair follicles are most likely alive and well underneath the scalp. Hair restoration patients are advised to keep their scalp away from the sun for the first several months mostly because it can cause a longer period of extended and sometimes permanent discoloration and redness of the scalp. I do recommend however, that you contact your hair transplant surgeon and if possible, meet with him and have him evaluate your scalp to ensure everything is ok.

I have personally found that Aloe Vera to aid healing and for sunburn on the scalp or other areas.