Tattooing to Conceal a Hair Transplant Donor Scar?


I've been reading about people allegedly getting hair-like marks tattooed on their scalp. Is this for real? If so, could this be performed in conjunction with a hair transplant? What about on a donor scar? That seems to be little more mainstream.


Micropigmentation is indeed a form of cosmetic tattooing. These technicians are supposed to use vegetable/mineral extracts rather than ink to apply the dots, which allegedly fade naturally over time. I've seen impressive results when this technique has been used to break up the appearance of hair transplant donor scars in photos, but I'd remain very cautious. Pictures are one thing; seeing something in the flesh is another. I personally would not advise attempting to tattoo hair in any other area of the scalp.

Even on a scar, supersaturating the tissue with a less than perfectly-matched pigment would be my main concern. Then of course the fading or potential discoloration issues. But cosmetic tattooing seems like it could be a viable scar repair option if it's performed by an experienced practitioner.

Selecting the right outfit to perform this type of work probably involves doing a lot of research, just like any other hair-related treatment.


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