Taxi Cab Drivers Performing Hair Transplants BEWARE!

black market fue hair transplant

Hair loss sufferers worldwide are putting themselves in grave danger by going to black market FUE clinics. The International Society of Hair Restoration Surgeons (ISHRS) reported that patients continue to flock to developing nations for cheap surgery. However, hair transplant surgeons have warned against going to these clinics because unlicensed technicians with little to no training perform the entire procedure without doctor supervision.

Make Sure A Doctor Is Supervising The Procedure

The most significant danger to patients traveling abroad for hair transplant surgery is that the procedures are performed without doctor supervision. While Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is a minimally invasive procedure- it is still surgery. Therefore, a doctor must be present to ensure no complications, such as allergic reactions to anesthesia or even infections.

Earlier this year, the ISHRS launched an international patient awareness campaign to warn potential patients of the dangers of going to black market FUE clinics. Hair Transplant Network recommended surgeon and chairman of the ISHRS, Dr. Ricardo Mejia, had this to say about black market FUE clinics:  " The demand is so high, reports are taxi cab drivers and Syrian refugees do the surgery in some overseas countries. Patients are the ones who suffer when they realize too late who did the surgery and end up with botched complications and scars and hairlines that are not normal and disfiguring."

Deceptive Marketing and False Testimonials

These clinics promise to have a team of trained professionals and a staff of physicians, but only technicians are present when the procedure is carried out. The entire team comprises technicians with no medical background and, in most cases, no medical training. The allure of cheap surgery is enticing, but prospective hair transplant patients should be wary about low-cost clinics that offer same-day procedures. These clinics should be avoided at all COSTS!


Surgical hair restoration has made leaps and bounds from the days of "hair plugs" that left patients looking like a doll's head. However, this growing market for black market FUE clinics continues to leave thousands and thousands of men and women with severe infections, lousy scarring, and, in some cases, even disfigurement. This is why choosing a qualified hair transplant surgeon is essential for receiving refined results that are undetectable and last a lifetime.