Tina Lardner (Lead Hair Technician for Dr. Jim Harris) Wins the 2012 Distinguished Assistant Award at the ISHRS Meeting

11/22/2012 5:53:03 AM

The role of highly trained and dedicated technicians in creating excellent hair transplant results is often overlooked by hair restoration patients. Most hair loss sufferers associate quality hair transplant surgery only with the skill and expertise of the surgeon, but these results would simply not be possible without a team of highly skilled techs to assist. 

Hair transplant technicians are responsible for microscopically dissecting the donor strip during Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) cases and carefully placing the trimmed, prepared grafts during both FUT and Follicular Unit Excision (formerly known as Follicular Unit Extraction) (FUE) cases. Thus, the outcome of a hair transplant procedure is highly dependent upon the skill, knowledge, and dexterity of the technicians/assistants.

Knowing this, it is not difficult to understand why the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) would honor these crucial team members each year by awarding one dedicated technician with the Distinguished Assistant Award at the annual ISHRS Meeting.

This year, we’re proud to announce that the winner of the 2012 ISHRS Distinguished Assistant Award is Tina Lardner, the lead technician for recommended hair transplant surgeon Dr. James Harris.

Tina has served as the lead surgical assistant/technician at the Hair Science Institute for the past 16 years and helped to develop new techniques for handling extracted follicular unit grafts. She has also acted as a teacher and lecturer for a variety of hair technician training courses. Because of her dedication to improving and evolving the crucial role of the hair transplant technician, we cannot think of a more deserving candidate for the ISHRS Distinguished Assistant Award.

Please join us in congratulating Tina for winning the Distinguished Assistant Award at the 2012 ISHRS Meeting in the Bahamas!

David (TakingThePlunge)

Editorial Assistant and Forum Co-Moderator


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