Top 3 Mistakes Hair Transplant Patients Make

Every day we see advertisements about lotions, potions and hair loss cures, but most of the treatments advertised don't do anything besides break the bank. Many hair loss sufferers turn to hair restoration, but even hair restoration can seem "too good to be true" and this causes some hair loss sufferers to abandon the idea or even worse mismanage their expectations. In this article, we will go over the top 3 mistakes hair transplant patients make.

Mistake #1 Rushing in to hair transplant surgery

Without a doubt, the number 1 mistake that patients make is rushing in to hair transplant surgery without doing proper research. This is a common issue and happens when patients are young and impressionable, many unethical clinics prey on patients who are anxious to fix their hair loss problem and want to believe what they are being told and sold. Unfortunately, like the saying goes " if it's too good to be true, it probably is" a patients donor supply is a finite resource that requires a long-term strategy and in some cases a conservative approach. Unfortunately, this is not what many young patients want to hear, but it is what's best for them in the long run. Moreover, patients should be weary of any surgeon or clinic that is willing to operate on them the same day as their consultation, this is a bad sign and patients should thoroughly research a physician/clinic before agreeing to have hair restoration surgery.

Mistake #2 Commercial chain (hair transplant mills)

Many of the late night infomercials we see on TV only depict men and women with thick voluminous locks that appear to have never suffered from androgenic alopecia (genetic hair loss). The truth is, most of these so-called "patients" are actually paid actors that have never had a hair transplant or even suffered from hair loss. In addition, these commercial chain hair restoration clinics are driven by numbers and rely heavily on marketing and advertising to gain their clientele rather than relying on their reputation and results. These types of clinics are heavily tech driven and in some instances do not even have a physician that specializes in hair restoration on site. This is why it is important that hair loss sufferers interested in getting a hair transplant become a part of a legitimate hair loss forum with real patients and real testimonials.

Mistake #3 Mismanaging hair growth timeline

Many hair transplant patients fail to understand that hair restoration is a process that requires a bit of faith and patience. Generally, most patients do not see any growth until 3-4 months after surgery and even then the growth is sparse and makes little to no cosmetic difference. In some cases, patients may not see any noticeable growth until the 5th or 6th month and even then the growth may not make much of a difference. It is important to understand that not every patient will grow at the exact same rate. At 12 months the majority of patients have grown all of their transplanted hair, but some patients may continue to grow new hair until 18 months. Furthermore, hair follicles typically mature in to their full hair shaft diameter around 18 months after surgery.