Top 3 Traits That Make A Great Hair Transplant Result

We have all seen the late night infomercials marketing and advertising the perfect hair transplant result, but what is actually needed to achieve such results? Is it money, fame or both? Well, it's neither. In fact, some of the most extraordinary results posted on hair loss forums are from ordinary working class individuals. In this article, we will go over the top 3 factors needed for a great hair transplant.

#1 Hair Caliber

It has been said by some of the world's leading hair transplant surgeons that hair caliber is the main characteristic needed to achieve an extraordinary result. What is hair caliber? Well hair caliber is defined as the size of the hair shaft diameter. In other words, it is the individuals hair characteristic. For example, an individual with fine hair would have a lower hair caliber, as opposed to an individual with thick coarse hair. With that said, individuals with fine hair can still achieve excellent results, but may require more grafts to achieve visual density.

#2 Donor Density

The term "graft" is casually thrown around in the hair restoration community, but what exactly is a graft? A graft is skin tissue with hair on it; today grafts consist of follicular units which contain anywhere from 1-5 hairs per unit. The density of the procedure will depend on how many hairs are on the follicular unit. For example, one individual may receive a hair transplant consisting of 2,000 grafts with an average of  1.5 hairs per graft. The total of transplanted hairs would be 3,000. Now imagine the same number of grafts are transplanted, except the individual has an average of 2.5 hairs per graft. The total number of hairs transplanted would be 5,000-nearly double the amount of hairs. Obviously, the more hair that is transplanted the better.

#3 Hair Color To Skin Color Contrast

Unfortunately, many individuals suffering from hair loss have an obvious skin to hair color contrast. When an individual has dark hair and light skin, the eye will detect thinning sooner than someone with light hair and light skin or dark hair and dark skin. This is because we see the scalp through hair. Therefore, individuals undergoing hair transplant surgery with similar skin to hair color require less overall grafts to achieve visual density.


All of the above listed traits play a factor in the overall cosmetic result of a hair transplant. However, none of these traits matter if the hair transplant surgeon performing the surgery is unskilled, inexperienced and unqualified. In addition, even individuals that do not posses the postive traits listed above can achieve excellent results, if the surgeon is skilled, talented and experienced. Participating on popular hair loss forums are a great way to speak and interact with real patients and see unbiased non-cherry picked results.