Top 3 Traits Your Hair Transplant Surgeon Should Have

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Choosing the right surgeon is a crucial decision for any cosmetic procedure. However, when it comes to surgical hair restoration, choosing the wrong surgeon can have dire consequences. In fact, selecting the right surgeon should be done carefully with a lot of time and research. Remember, undergoing a procedure is unlike any other purchase. A house, car, even a TV can be sold and quickly forgotten, but a bad procedure will serve as a remainder of a poorly thought out plan for the rest of your life.


Unfortunately, the hair transplant industry hasn't always been the most ethical industry, as the past is muddled with borderline crimincal activity. Everything ranging from misleading patients, stealing before and after photographs, and flat out disfiguring patients in the name of the almighty dollar. Thankfully, organizations like the Hair Transplant Network have been key in changing the industry standards. With the advent of the internet, patients now have a voice and can be heard. This has cleaned up the industry that was once vile and full of unethical charlatans.

Always ensure that the surgeon has a solid reputation based off of results and not marketing and advertisements.

Patient-Based Results

Virtually every surgeon on the planet can look like a superstar surgeon with a lot of marketing and advertisements. In fact, plenty of "hair mills" are successful doing just that. Hair mills are hair transplant clinics that treat their patients as a number, instead of as a patient. These clinics are numbers driven and revenue focused, these are not the kind of clinics that produce the best results.

It is crucial to select a surgeon with a strong reputation of producing excellent results on real patients. Hair loss forums are an excellent way of seeing real patient reviews and results.

Long-Term Strategist With Realistic Expectations

Let's face it, we all want to hear that our juvenile hairline can be restored with full density, and the scars of surgery will be invisible to the public. Unfortunately, this isn't realistic. It is important to choose a surgeon who can provide an honest and realistic approach to surgery.

A long-term strategy and plan that will address the problems of today, while anticipating the issues of tomorrow. Genetic hair loss is a progressive condition that gradually gets worse over time. Therefore, planing for the future is essential. Hair transplant surgery is not a cure and limitations do exist. A surgeon who promises the world can never deliver on those promises.