Treating Eyebrow Hair Loss with Hair Restoration


When I was born, my mother shaved the edge of my eyebrow and it became very thin. Now I would like to know if there is some effective way or product to treat and regrow my eyebrow hair?


Because shaving eyebrow hair or any other hair on the body doesn't cause hair loss or thinning, it's quite possible that your eyebrows are just naturally thin. If this is true, no hair loss or regrowth product will help you since none of them can grow hair where no follicles reside underneath the skin.

Some hair transplant surgeons perform specialty hair restoration of the eyebrows, eyelashes, face, and body. Like any surgical procedure, there are risks involved and before undergoing this kind of procedure, it's important to research and learn how the procedure works, the benefits, limitations, and associated risks and maintenance. Selecting a quality physician with the experience, qualifications, and artistry needed to reconstruct a natural looking eyebrow is also important. Though not every hair restoration physician we recommend does these unique and delicate transplants, some of them do.

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Bill Associate Publisher/Editor