Two Weeks After Hair Transplant Surgery with Very Itchy Scalp


So I finally went through with getting a hair transplant. It is now my second week and my scalp is very itchy. I see a lot of dandruff on my grafts and the itch is almost unbearable. Is this normal? I wash daily, but very carefully.


Congratulations on your recent hair restoration procedure. You can rest easy as scalp dryness, dandruff, and itchiness is very normal the first couple weeks. You can try using Aloe Vera which may help temporarily soothe the scalp. Other anti-itch ointments and solutions also exist such as Benadryl that you could consider if the itch is too intense. It would be wise however, to wait until at least 10 days to start massaging anything topically into the scalp to give your transplanted hair the proper time they need to take root.