Unusual Eye Strain 3 Months After Hair Transplant Surgery


I'm from Iran and am 27 years old. I had a hair transplant 3 months ago and since then, my eyes hurt a little, especially when I use the computer or study. Did surgery cause this?


Your scalp and forehead can be tight the first few weeks after hair transplant surgery. Additionally, swelling can occur in the forehead which over the first week will move down into the eyes, nose, and face until it's gone. This process usually only takes a few days.

The above may produce a bit of pressure in the eyes in the first week or maybe two after a hair restoration procedure, but not at 3 months. I highly doubt any strain in your eyes is caused by the procedure at this point. Intense studying, reading, or staring at the computer too long however, can put a strain on anyone's eyes. If you feel your eyes are straining or in pain or responding in an unusual way, it's advisable to consult with an eye doctor to get them evaluated.

Bill Associate Publisher/Editor