Using Hair Clippers After a Hair Transplant


I was wondering if I can shave my hair to 0.5 with a trimmer at around 3 weeks after a hair transplant (Waiting for the newly transplanted hair to fall off). I am not worried about the scar showing. I would continue to shave it over the next 5 months until my hair begins growing. Will this affect the growth or damage my newly transplanted hair?

Answer: The follicular unit grafts are anchored in place by 10 to 14 days after hair transplant surgery. As long as your scabs are gone, there should be no danger of damaging them with a hair clipper at 3 months post-op. That said, it’s important to be very gentle. In my personal experience, I buzzed my own hair down two weeks after my surgical hair restoration procedure with a #2. Take care not to scratch the recipient area and you should be fine. It is always advisable to check with your doctor to see what he recommends. In our Hair Loss Q&A Blog article “When Can I Get a Haircut After hair Transplant Surgery”, Coalition member Dr. True recommends keeping the hair at the level of the donor incision 1/2 inch or longer with your first 3- 4 haircuts.