Very Little Hair Growth 18 Months after Hair Transplant Surgery


I had a hair restoration procedure done in January 2010 and finally started to see some initial results around February 2011, which is incredible. But still, 18 months after the procedure as I write this, the crown area still feels sensitive from the procedure and very little growth has come out of the crown area so far. I was told from the practice that did my procedure that the sensitivity in the crown area means that the nerves in the crown area are still recovering after the surgery and that once there is normal feeling in that area, new hair follicles will start to grow slowly. 

I was told that the crown area is usually the slowest to see results.  Is that true and can you add anything else to what they told me?


It’s true that hair transplants in the crown are notoriously slow-growing. However, in my opinion, it is unlikely that you will see significant hair growth beyond 18 months.

It is unusual for the recipient area to remain sensitive at this point. I recommend having a discussion with your hair transplant surgeon about where you go from here in the event your results are subpar.

If the clinic is reputable, they should stand behind their work and offer you a free or reduced touch up.   David (TakingThePlunge) - Forum Co-Moderator and Editorial Assistant