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Visitations to Leading Hair Transplant Clinics in Ontario Canada

9/22/2007 12:42:23 PM

Visitations to Leading Hair Transplant Clinics in Ontario Canada

At the Hair Transplant Network, our goal is to recommend quality hair restoration clinics that truly perform state of the art hair transplantation. Because no hair restoration physician recommended on our network has tenure, these physicians are continually assessed. In addition to patient feedback provided on our hair restoration discussion forum, Pat Hennessy, the Publisher of our Community visits not only our current recommended clinics but sets out to find new ones that meet our high level of standards.

Pat has recently set out to Ontario, Canada to visit some of the big names in hair transplantation including Dr. H. Rahal of Rahal Hair Transplant in Ottawa, Dr. Cam Simmons of the Canadian Hair Transplant Centre in Toronto, and Dr. Mark McKenzie of the Seager Hair Transplant Center in Toronto.

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Patrick is the founder of the hair transplant and the hair restoration community. He began his journey as publisher when as an early patient of the follicular unit revolution he got outstanding results and published them on the emerging Internet web in the late 1990’s. To help patients communicate with each other he started the now very popular and respected hair restoration discussion forum. He continues to act as the publisher.