Waiting to Go Completely Bald Before Hair Transplant Surgery?


My son wants to go for hair transplantation. I suggested for him to wait until he goes completely bald. But he wants a hair transplant now even though he still has a good amount of hair. Please advise me which is better.


Each person's genetic makeup is uniquely programmed for each individual. This is why there are many degrees of baldness and not everyone who suffers from hair loss will go completely bald. See the ludwig scale (genetic female hair loss) and norwood scale of hair loss (male pattern baldness).

Though a quality hair restoration surgeon will consider multiple factors, many balding men with moderately thinning hair have undergone hair transplant surgery with great success. In my opinion, your son should consult with a qualified surgeon and work to create a long term hair restoration plan. If he still has a good amount of hair, he may also want to consult with a physician about Propecia (finasteride) and Rogaine (minoxidil), which may help prevent future hair loss and even stimulate some hair regrowth.