What is the Best Age to get a Hair Transplant and Can All Patients Achieve Amazing Results?


For those of you not familiar with the hair transplant clinic, "Hasson and Wong" and one of their patients "London_Lad", he was quite bald, and 7500+ grafts later in a single session, he looked amazing. Does the average patient have enough donor hair to get a great hair transplant if they are a level 6 on the norwood scale of hair loss? Also, if hair loss is unpredictable, why is it not wise to get hair replacement surgery in your twenties compared to your forties when you could be bald?


Hair loss forum member "London_ Lad" should be seen as an exceptional case since very few patients have the donor density and scalp elasticity to be able to harvest 7000+ grafts in a single hair transplant session. However, I think it would be fair to say that the average patient may have 6000-7500 follicular unit grafts available for harvesting over a lifetime. Though most patients can't hope to receive the number of grafts Dr. Hasson harvested for London Lad in one session, many patients have the hair characteristics that allow elite surgeons like Dr. Hasson and others in the Coalition of Independent Hair Restoration Physicians to perform it in two. In regards to your second question, it's not that a patient can't get a hair transplant in their 20s. It's about making good use of a finite donor hair supply. Male pattern baldness is progressive and often times, future hair loss will lead to the "need" for subsequent hair transplants in order to stay looking natural. Younger patients should stay away from high density hair transplants that may use up too much donor that may be needed later for balding areas to come. To put it simply, a physician and patient should work together to customize a strategic long term hair restoration plan that helps you meet realistic goals. The goals should be established together and should cover not only the first procedure, but the future.

Bill - Associate Publisher