What Contributes to the Failure of a Hair Transplant?


How much of the success or failure of a hair transplant is based upon what we do after hair restoration is preformed? For example, I wear a hat every day to work. Do you think it would have a negative effect on how many grafts survive? Also, I work out and sweat a lot. Would this have a negative impact? Or does it come down simply to a patient's physical makeup and the physician chosen?


If a hair transplant procedure is done right and the grafts are properly handled and cared for during the procedure, there's a high likelihood of successful hair growth and high yield. Sometimes, an individual's physiology can cause problems for unknown reasons. Additionally, postoperative care of the grafts over the first 10 days or so after can affect the growth of a hair transplant. But postoperative care is minimal and consists mostly of keeping the area clean and preventing damage to the grafts. This is why patients should follow their physician's postoperative instructions and avoid touching or pulling on the grafts during the critical healing stages. Patients should also avoid bumping their heads.

Wearing a loose fitting hat the first week won't hinder the success of a hair transplant as long as it doesn't make contact with the grafts and cause any rubbing or friction. It's also a good idea not to do any intensive physical exercise and avoid excessive sweating for the first week. Additionally, while infection is rare, it can occur and potentially hinder transplanted hair growth if not treated promptly.

Bill Seemiller - Managing Publisher