What does a Hair Transplant Cost?

Question: I am interested in having a hair transplant, but I’m not sure what the average price is for a procedure. I am in between a Norwood 3 and 4.

Answer: Every hair transplant case is different, because different individuals have varying degrees of hair loss. In addition, the goals and needs of individuals varies from case to case. Moreover, the prices vary from surgeon to surgeon. Unfortunately, there is no “one-size-fits-all” for surgical hair restoration. There is no replacement for an in-person evaluation and consultation with a qualified hair transplant surgeon.

The cost per graft depends on the hair transplant surgeon performing the surgery and the donor harvesting technique that is being used to excise the follicular unit grafts. On average Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) costs more than Follicular Unit Strip Surgery (FUSS), because it is more labor intensive.

What does a Hair Transplant Cost?

The cost of the hair transplant procedure will depend on the aforementioned factors, which include severity of hair loss, donor harvesting technique and the hair transplant surgeon. 

An Overview of Hair Transplant Cost

Not every patient is the same! The hair transplant cost varies from one patient to another. The price per graft can vary depending on the surgeon and surgical harvesting technique. The two biggest factor that impact the overall price of the procedure is the total number of hair grafts necessary. In addition, the donor harvesting technique can make a substantial difference

Submitting online consultations request to various hair transplant surgeons can help determine the approximate cost of the procedure. Additionally, by submitting various consultations, the patient can appropriately determine how many grafts he/she may require to achieve their goals.

Factors Affecting The Cost Of Hair Transplant Treatment

As previously mentioned, there are several factors that determine the overall cost the hair transplant procedure, but below we will dive in to each factor with a little more detail:

Number Of Grafts

Most hair transplant surgeons/clinics charge a certain price per graft. A graft is a skin-bearing tissue. A graft contains a follicular unit, the follicular units may vary from 1 hair, 2 hair, 3 hair and 4 hairs per graft. The price is set regardless of how many hairs are on the graft. The more grafts an individual requires, the higher the cost of the procedure.

Cost Per Graft and Location

The cost of per graft will vary depending on the hair transplant surgeon and the harvesting technique. For example, clinics that are located in developed nations, such as the United States, Canada and certain parts of Europe may charge more per graft than a clinic located in a developing nation. The reason for this is the cost for labor, rent and licensing is more expensive in a developed nation than it is in a developing nation.

Amount of Hair Loss and Number of Grafts Needed

The overall size of the area required for restoration will determine the price of the procedure. An individual with minor hair loss will only require a small number of grafts. Thus, the procedure will be significantly cheaper than an individual with extensive balding. As previously mentioned, surgeons charge per graft. Therefore, the more grafts required the higher the cost of the procedure.

The Type Of Hair Transplant Surgery

On average follicular unit extraction (FUE) is more expensive than strip surgery because the procedure is more labor intensive. In addition, some hair transplant clinics employ technicians to help extract the follicular units, this drives the cost up higher than a strip procedure that can be performed quicker with less labor.

Travel Expense

Many hair transplant patients travel abroad to undergo hair transplant surgery. Unfortunately, the travel expense is not included in the price of the procedure. However, some hair transplant clinics/surgeons will discount a portion of the overall cost to help with the cost of the travel expenses. Moreover, some hair transplant clinics provide food and lodging for their patients, but this depends on the hair transplant surgeon/clinic.

Want to Know the Average Cost of Hair Transplant? Consult With Expert Surgeon Near You

When done right hair transplant surgery is undetectable even under close scrutiny by hairstylists and barbers. Accepting going bald is now a choice. However, it is crucial to select a quality surgeon that will provide natural results that will last a lifetime. All prospective patients need to do is visit a qualified pre-screened hair transplant surgeon and they will assess the hair loss and provide an accurate estimate of the cost and how many grafts are required for restoration.