What is Hair Duplication (Formerly Known as Autocloning) and How Does it Work?

Question: What is the process of autocloning and what are the benefits of it? Can anyone explain this to me please? Answer: Simply put, Hair Duplication is an experimental procedure whereby hairs are plucked from the “safe zone” of the scalp, treated with ACell and implanted to the balding area where they grow new follicles. Since the plucked hairs also regrow in the donor area, two hairs grow for every one that is plucked. While very exciting, this is still in the trials stage and is not currently an alternative to follicular unit transplantation (FUT) or follicular unit extraction (FUE) hair transplants. For more on ACell and Hair Duplication, I recommend the following article from our Hair Loss Q&A Blog: Hair Duplication (Formerly Known as Autocloning) and ACell: The Potential for Restoring a Full Head of Hair? David (TakingThePlunge) Forum Co-Moderator and Editorial Assistant