What Happens to Hair in Telogen (Resting) During Hair Transplant Surgery?


From the strip that is removed during hair transplant surgery, what happens to the hair in the telogen (resting) phase? Since the hair can't be seen, are these hair follicles just casualties and lost during the hair restoration procedure, or do they plant the follicle without the hair?


What happens to hairs in telogen (resting) during the follicular unit dissection process is a great question.

The answer is, it depends. In many cases, as follicular units are being dissected, telogen hairs are dissected with the visible follicular unit. So what may have been transplanted as a 2 hair follicular unit may actually grow 3 hairs. However, in other cases, the telogen hairs may be transected and lost. This is one of the reasons why there is still a debate on "chubby" verses "skinny" grafts. Some evidence suggests that leaving more tissue surrounding the grafts may increase the likelihood of saving telogen hairs during hair transplant surgery. However, skinny grafts are often preferred since smaller incisions cause less trauma to the scalp and allow a physician to densely pack more follicular units per square centimeter. Additionally, smaller incisions can minimize the risks of shock loss.

Bill Associate Publisher/Editor