What Is the Hair Transplant Growth Timeline?

5/3/2017 9:51:05 PM

Due to the many factors that come into play, it's impossible to say for certain when an individual hair transplant patient will see the start of new hair growth after surgery. However, generally speaking, initial growth should begin at around 3 months post-op.

The recently implanted follicular units do not enter the growth cycle all at the same time. Thus, initial growth will appear scattered and thin. In time, the areas of no/low hair growth will begin to fill in.

The following is a very general timeline for hair growth to assist patients in forming realistic expectations and remain worry-free during the hair transplant growth and maturation process.

3 months - 10%
4 months - 25%
5 months - 40%
6 months - 60%
7 months - 70%
8 months - 75%
9 months - 80%
10 months - 90%
11 months - 95%
12 months - 98%
18 months - 100%

Again, this is a general estimate. Your experience may be faster or slower. Anyone concerned about their progress should contact their hair restoration physician as a precaution.


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