When Can I Use Topical Hair Loss Concealers on the Donor Scar after Hair Transplant Surgery?


How long after a hair transplant can I use some of the topical concealers like Courve to cover the scar? How long will the wound be very visible?


Believe it or not the donor wound closes and seals itself rapidly which is why the staples / sutures can be removed after only ten days. In my opinion it's better to wait until the staples / sutures are removed before using any topical concealer like Courve Dermmatch, Nanogen, or Toppik on the scar area.

A donor scar takes approximately one year to fully heal and mature with no signs of discoloration (redness / pinkness). Additionally temporary donor shock loss can occur in the first couple months and take a few months longer for hair growth to return. Many hair transplant patients however, are lucky and don't experience any donor area shock loss.

Bill - Associate Publisher