When Does the Transplanted Hair Start to Grow?


I've read that after a month or two the transplanted hairs start to grow. Is that a month or two from the hair transplant procedure date, or is it measured from the point that most of the hairs have shed? I've noticed a couple pimples on my scalp in the recipient area and wonder if this could be the start of the hair growth phase. I had my hair restoration procedure about 4 and a half weeks ago.


Transplanted hair actually starts to grow immediately but then the hair starts to shed 2 to 4 weeks later. Hair regrowth doesn't typically start for 3 to 5 months after the hair transplant procedure day, a little less than that if you are talking about after the hair shedding phase is over.

Pimples are typically a sign of activity below the scalp. It's typical for hair regrowth to begin a few weeks to a month after pimples form.

At 4 and a half weeks, you still have awhile to wait before any visual signs of improvement. Hang in there. The wait is hard, but the result makes the wait all worthwhile.

Bill Seemiller Associate Publisher/Editor