When Hair Shedding Starts After Hair Transplant Surgery and Why


I understand that the transplanted hair starts to fall off a few days after hair restoration surgery, and then the hair reappears in a few months. In your experience, how long exactly after hair replacement did you see hair shedding? Did anyone retain most of the transplanted hair without the initial postoperative shed?


The typical time frame of transplanted hair shedding is between 2 to 4 weeks after a hair transplant. The initial postoperative hair shedding is what most patients (and hair loss doctors) would love to avoid, but due to scalp trauma, the follicles are forced into extended catagen (resting) for 3 to 5 months on the average. Some hair may remain intact and continue to grow while yet some others will appear to remain in tact but not grow. The ones in tact that aren't growing have most likely broke off the hair follicle underneath the surface of the scalp and will fall out eventually or be pushed out when the transplanted hair starts to grow.