When will Numbness Go Away After Hair Transplant Surgery?


I had a hair transplant about 3 weeks ago to lessen my hair loss. The area above the donor scar (2 to 3 inches above and about 6 inches across) still has no feeling at all. I am worried that the hair transplant surgeon cut too deeply and the nerves are damaged. Will feeling come back? If so, when?


Numbness after a hair transplant is an unfortunate but typical temporary side effect of hair restoration surgery.  The good news is, in most cases, this is temporary and you will restore full feeling in both the donor and recipient areas.  However, the length of time numbness after hair replacement surgery can last will vary from a few weeks all the way up to a year.  In my personal hair transplant experience, I experienced numbness after my third surgery and all feeling was restored after 6 months.