Who is the Best Hair Transplant Surgeon?


I am looking for hair transplant surgeon. But who is the best? I want to get the best surgery and as soon as possible. I am totally depending on your email reply.


A popular question on our hair loss forum is who is the "best" hair transplant surgeon. Where our forum community members will most likely give you a list of their top 5 favorite surgeons, you will notice that physicians on the top 5 vary from person to person. Selecting a surgeon should be both objective and subjective. Clearly there are certain criteria to look for to ensure hair restoration physicians are producing excellent results with state of the art techniques. But narrowing it down to just one surgeon becomes a very selective process.

At the Hair Transplant Network, we prescreen surgeons to ensure they are performing state of the art hair transplantation with consistent excellent results. To see our high level of standards, click here. To see a list of surgeons we recommend, click here.

It is also highly important that you do your own due diligence in researching all surgeons you are considering. You should never totally depend on anyone else's input. Research takes time and energy, but since hair restoration is often a journey rather than just a single procedure, time spent in research is invaluable.

Clearly many surgeons have much more online visibility than others. What you can't find online, be sure to search offline by consulting with surgeons and asking to see their patient before/after photos, and even better, meet with their patients if possible.