Why am I Losing Healthy Natural Hair After Hair Transplant Surgery?


I'm now 15 days out from a 2800 graft hair transplant session. My doctor told me that I'm a diffuse thinner progressing to a level 5 on the norwood scale of hair loss. In the last few days, I've been noticing some hair loss in the frontal core. These hairs look very healthy and long with good caliber and pigment. It seems like they are just weak and breaking off. I can still feel tightness in the frontal area but the other areas are fine. I received 1800 follicular unit grafts in the balding frontal core of my scalp. My questions are:

  1. Is this the end of my pre-existing natural hair in the frontal area?
  2. I can still feel little spikes from the transplanted hair. I heard they shed off in about 2 weeks; so is this good or bad?


Firstly, congratulations on your recent hair transplant. Right now, you are just starting to go through the "awkward stage" which happens anytime in the first couple days to the first couple months. Post hair transplant telogen effluvium or "shock loss" is very common after a hair transplant. Even healthy looking natural hairs may shed due to the trauma of surgery. However, as long as the hairs are healthy (no signs of hair miniaturization) and the hair follicle or root wasn't severely damaged during surgery (almost non-existent in the hands of an elite surgeon), shock loss is only temporary. "Shocked" hair typically returns around the same time the transplanted hair starts to grow.

The transplanted hair will also start to shed between 2 to 4 weeks. The "spikes" you are feeling are most likely hairs that haven't shed yet and this is perfectly normal. If you are lucky, some may hold on and continue to grow without ever falling out. The majority of the hairs however, will fall leaving the follicle intact underneath the skin. These follicles will start to reproduce a new healthy hair typically within 3 to 5 months and will mature over the period of a year.