Why Am I Losing My Newly Transplanted Hair After Hair Restoration Surgery?


I had a hair transplant 13 days ago and was told by my hair restoration physician not to use the regular shower for 10 days. Instead I just use a cup of water and pour it gently over my head and hair. Now that 10 days have passed my stitches are out and I was told that I can wash my hair gently in the shower with my hands and use oil in the evening for the scabs. My concern is that I am losing scabs and some of the transplanted hair is falling out with them. I'm still losing them and am almost completely bald again after 2 weeks. Have I lost all my transplanted grafts?


Hair shedding of the newly transplanted hairs after hair restoration surgery is perfectly normally and typically occurs between 2-4 weeks. Though the hairs are no longer seen the hair follicle remains perfectly healthy and intact below the scalp. These follicles will remain in extended catagen (resting) for about 3 to 5 months and then start to grow. In one year, your hair transplant will be considered mature and the transplanted hair follicles will produce normal healthy hairs that will grow just like your natural ones.

I hope this helps.

Bill - Associate Publisher