Why Did All My New Hair Disappear Nine Months after Hair Transplant Surgery?

Question: I got a hair transplant done 9 months ago. The coverage was good and I was satisfied after 6 months. Suddenly my hairs started shedding and in the last two months I lost all my hairs and I am back to the same stage before the transplant. Answer: Without viewing some photo documentation depicting your hair prior to surgery, immediately after surgery and today, I can’t provide any advice specific to your case. However, I can discuss some generalities. You’ve stated, “I lost all my hairs and am back to the same stage before HT”. This would be highly unusual and I can’t see any good reason for that to happen if you are otherwise healthy. In my experience, when hair transplant patients report similar issues it is usually due to misperception. Again, I have not seen your photos and I don’t know if you’ve been photo documenting your results regularly since your procedure but it’s very easy to misjudge just how much existing hair we had, how much has grown or how much has shed without photos. Are you using Propecia (finasteride) and/or Rogaine (minoxidil)? Without medically stabilizing your hair loss, it’s possible, in cases of aggressive balding, that you’ve lost any existing native hair in the recipient area. This is rare but can happen and gives the appearance of little to no new hair growth from the transplant. Lastly, it could just be excessive, temporary shedding. Shedding can happen for a number of reasons and is even said to be seasonal. However, if every hair has shed as you stated, this is not likely. At 9 months post-op, you still have a few more months of hair growth and maturation. I suggest waiting a full 18 months post-surgery before assessing your final results. But, I suggest contacting your hair transplant surgeon to discuss your concerns immediately if you have not already done so. Keeping your surgeon in the loop can ease your mind and also inform you of your options in the event your hair transplant result is subpar.