Why Does My Hair Look Thinner Seven Months after Hair Transplant Surgery?


I had a hair transplant done seven months ago and I feel a bit discourage to be honest. The doctor has done a great job at the frontal are but my hair is falling out and very thin at the moment. I think the procedure was roughly 2000 grafts.

My concern is the thinning at the top part and the sides where was planted is falling out. I have been using finasteride for about a year now and have searched and read 1000's of sites and reviews about what I can do to make my hair thicker. I'm also aware that I need to wait at least 12-18 months to see true results but I can't imagine that the hair that fell out due to the hair transplant will ever recover, or can it? He also did a platelet rich plasma (PRP) treatment the same day as the surgical hair restoration. Answer: It’s difficult to say exactly what you’re experiencing without photos. It’s possible that you have experienced some shock loss, which may be temporary. It’s possible that some hairs were transected during your surgery and will never regrow and it’s also possible that you are simply seeing the progression of hair loss Propecia (finasteride) may not be working for you. However, without medically stabilizing your hair loss, further balding is always a possibility and it can happen quickly or very slowly. I also suggest adding Rogaine (5% minoxidil) to your daily regimen. Though it’s tough to wait, I suggest refraining from evaluating your procedure until one full year has passed. However, there is no harm in discussing your concerns with your physician to determine what your options are in the even that your hair growth is less than optimal. A top-notch clinic will stand behind their work in the event of subpar growth.