Why Does My Hair Transplant Scar Feel Bumpy?


I'm 8 days out from a hair transplant and my donor scar feels bumpy. However, I'm sure it's due to swelling that will subside. How long generally does it take for that to happen? Also, I had the trichophytic closure technique. The only bad thing right now is that the hair covering my scar seems to stick out a little.


The hair transplant donor scar "bumps" could be the swelling as you suggest, remaining scabs, ingrown hairs, or the standard ridge that comes with a trichophytic closure technique. As the scar heals, any ridging should dissipate and become smooth like the rest of your scalp. Swelling should most likely subside within the first 10 days. If swelling persists beyond that, be sure to speak with your hair restoration physician.

Bill - Associate Publisher