Why does my Scalp Feel Tight After Surgical Hair Restoration?


I had a strip hair transplant procedure yesterday and my scalp feels tight, especially when looking down or if I turn my head. A couple of veins on my forehead are also more prominent. Before the procedure, the surgeon said I had a tight scalp so I was only able to achieve 2489 grafts. There is also some numbness around my ears. Will this get better and how long will it take?


During a hair transplant strip procedure, approximately 1.5 to 3 cm of scalp tissue containing hair follicles is removed and then the wound is sutured or stapled back together. In order to close the wound, your surgeon had to pull the two ends of the wound together creating minimal, but some tension that will create a feeling of tightness. Though minimal tension closures are performed to minimize trauma, the risks of scar stretching, and minimize disruption of your scalp’s vasculature - your scalp will be tighter for a few weeks up to several month while donor area heals and the scalp’s elasticity progressively returns. Numbness can also occur and last up to several months since some nerve endings were cut and have to heal.

In the meantime, try to avoid touching your chin to your chest or do anything that will put a strain on the donor area for the first couple months. This will help minimize the risks of scar stretching and assure your scar will heal as thin as possible.

Bill - Associate Publisher