Will Harsh Brushing to Alleviate Scalp Itch After Hair Transplant Surgery Damage the Grafts?


My scalp was itching 3 weeks after my hair restoration procedure, so I used a bristle brush and harshly scratched my scalp. Now I'm worried that I've ruined the chances of getting a good result. Am I in danger of getting poor hair growth?


Ten days after hair transplant surgery, the grafts are firm and secured in the scalp. Therefore, you won't hurt the follicles. However, your scalp needs time to heal, and harsh brushing or itching with your nails can damage your scalp. Thus your scalp may take a longer time to heal.

Try your best to eliminate any harsh scratching. Aloe Vera can help expedite healing and alleviate itch by soothing the scalp. You can also consider Vitamin E or Emu oil.

Bill Associate Publisher/Editor