Will my Hair Growth Thicken 6 Months After a Hair Transplant?


I'm fourteen weeks out from a hair transplant and am noticing little thin bristly sprouts are growing pretty regular. Roughly 15-20% of the transplanted follicular unit grafts appear to be growing when I compare to the hair transplant photos right after surgery, although still a little patchy. I also noticed tiny little pores and black heads all over, nothing really happening there yet. Should the pores/blackheads produce hair as time passes? Also, will the hair thicken/texture compared to my normal hair over the next 6 months or so?


The "pore/blackheads" you are referring to are most likely shocked hairs that are starting to grow back. Typically transplanted hair starts as fine, thin, and colorless and aren't as obvious growing in as shocked hairs.

Fourteen weeks after hair transplant surgery is a typical time of doubt for the patient as they are on the threshold of new hair growth. But keep the faith. Hair restoration surgery is a gradual process and the result is not immediate. From what you are saying, at only fourteen weeks, you are well on your way to successful hair regrowth and baldness will be a thing of the past.