Will One Hair Transplant Surgery Be Enough?


I am considering hair transplant surgery. I am currently 30 and began losing my hair at 18. I've been using Propecia and Nizoral shampoo for a number of years and believe it has slowed down my hair loss greatly as my father was already bald at my age. I appear to be losing my hair in a similar fashion to him as it is remaining quite thick on the sides while thinning on the top. I should have more than adequate donor hair and am considering a hairline reconstruction which would require 750-1000 follicular unit grafts according to your online animated graft calculator. My main questions regard how my hair in the future as I age. The Propecia has slowed the hair loss but I suspect it will continue on top. Will it look unnatural if I have hair in area #2 with very thin hair behind it? Will this necessitate further hair replacement procedures?


At your age, your level of hair loss, and because you've been taking Propecia (finasteride) and Nizoral with some good success for a number of years, you seem like you'd possibly be a good candidate for hair transplant surgery.  Your concern however, about needing subsequent hair restoration procedures is a valid one.  Though Propecia seems to have stabilized your hair loss, there is no guarantee that hair loss will not progress any further.  If you do experience baldness behind the hair transplant at a later time, depending on the level of loss, you may need subsequent procedures to keep your hair looking natural.  This is why it's highly important to work with a qualified hair restoration physician to develop a long term plan and strategy to restore your hair.