Will Picking Scabs from a Hair Transplant Cause Poor Results?


I had a hair transplant one month ago. I am in a bad habit of peeling of scabs. Lately, I've noticed two or three transplanted hair come out along with a dandruff scab I peeled off. I am worried that this habit is going to impact my hair transplant results. Some of the hair appears to have the follicle attached. Please tell me if the hair that came out with the scab include the follicles are not. My scalp looks horrible right now and is prominent with bald patches on my head.


Though picking the scabs with your nails is not advisable after hair transplant surgery, as long as you didn't pick at them the first ten days, the transplanted hair follicles should be safe and secure underneath your scalp.

Transplanted hair typically sheds between two to four weeks after the surgical hair restoration procedure. Therefore, dry skin and the hairs you are seeing with the scabs are perfectly normal.

The first few months after surgery can be difficult since patients often look worse before they look better. In three to five months, the healthy new follicles will begin producing new hair and a year later, your hair transplant will be mature.

Try not to pick your scabs anymore with your nails, but feel free to use your fingertips in the shower in a circular motion to gently work the remaining scabs off.

Bill Associate Publisher/Editor