Will Using Baby Shampoo Three Weeks after Hair Transplant Surgery affect Hair Growth?

Question: I am 25 years old. I used to have very thick hair but now it's all thinned out. I have male pattern baldness. Current stage is Norwood 3a with thinning hair at the crown. Two months ago I had a hair transplant done in India and I’ve lost all the hair that was implanted and it looks like it's all gone wrong. Now I’ve done all my research and know this is a part of the process but spending so much money it does make you wonder! Anyway for the first 3 weeks I was using special shampoo given by the doctor. He then told me to use baby shampoo thereafter. Since a few days ago I was using small amounts of baby shampoo each night to wash my hair. Now I read that it has SLS and stopped immediately. Have I damaged my new hair already? I have an oily scalp and wanted to know what's the best shampoo for me to use and how often should I wash my hair? I apply Rogaine (minoxidil) twice a day (morning and evening). Should this be done on a clean shampooed scalp to increase effectiveness or what? Answer: I'm always surprised by how many hair transplant recipients are unaware of post-procedure shedding. As you have already learned, this is a natural part of the process and it's normal for hair to appear thinner before new hair growth begins. Using baby shampoo three weeks after your hair transplant is perfectly safe. In fact, at three weeks post-op you can use any shampoo you like without fear of damaging your grafts. However, we always advise patients to follow their hair restoration physician's aftercare advice. Thus, I recommend talking to your doctor before changing shampoos. There is much misinformation circulating around the Internet regarding sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS). But, according to Dr. Bill Rassman, these warnings are overblown and it is nothing to be concerned about due to the very low levels of the chemical in hygiene products like shampoo. It is generally recommended to apply minoxidil to a clean, dry scalp. If you use a lot of styling products, I recommend washing them out prior to application. David (TakingThePlunge) Forum Co-Moderator and Editorial Assistant