Is Your Hair Transplant Scar Visible When Wet?


I shaved my head down to a #3 clip two months after my hair transplant and you cannot really see the scar. But when I get out of the shower, the scar is clearly visible. At what point is the scar invisible after getting out of the shower, the pool, the ocean, etc., when cutting your hair down to a low clip number? Or will the scar always be visible when the scalp is wet if you shave it down like I did?


At your early stage, your scar is probably more noticeable since it's probably somewhat red or at least pink. Wet hair (especially if it's thinner or blond) may allow it to show through more prominently.

After the hair restoration scar matures somewhat, you will have to determine at what length you can cut the sides and back of your hair to conceal the scar. Hair density, hair characteristics, hair color, the width of the scar, and sometimes the direction of the hair follicles growing through the trichophytic closure will impact how short you can trim it without evidence something is different. Hair transplant scar maturation can take up to a year.

Bill - Associate Publisher .